Thursday, 3 March 2011

A word to fall in Love with?

I am falling in love with the word Adkratsubsr not because the word still could not make a sense to me but because of the fact that it really could not make any sense to me. You usually fall in love with the words that remain new to you as always. So is the case with the word Adkratsubsr, the word that remains unexplored. As I have written in my earlier posts, there are many assumptions that will continue to be a part of the word as long as the mystery behind the word Adkratsubsr finally breaks and gives us some peace.

I was finding out the exact meaning of the word Adkratsubsr suddenly something came into my mind. Have you ever googled the word Adkratsubsr in images? You will find a lot of weird images, as weird as the name itself. So, what does it really mean? To me, it means that the hunt for the meaning of the word Adkratsubsr is still on and all those images are suggestive of the assumptions that have been going in the wide directions. This certainly means that a lot of us are still keeping our thinking caps on. However, I agree that any proper image would have added to the efforts of finding out the meaning behind the word.

I am also putting a focus on the images and at the same time trying to draw a lot of attention from your side as well. The simple reason for the same is that when you look at images for this word Adkratsubsr you make more assumptions and if you are familiar with Einstein and Newton you will agree that imaginations give birth to awareness and awareness gives birth to knowledge.  So, the journey to the assumption of knowledge and knowledge of assumptions continues!