Sunday, 20 February 2011

Adkratsubsr - a mystery to unfold?

The very word Adkratsubsr is good enough to puzzle many but what is life without a good puzzle? We all know that life would be dull if it were a pre-written script. So, the word Adkratsubsr came to me as the same good puzzle. I don't know what it means (did I say I would not like to find it out too?) but this word comes to me as the name of some demon from the myths. Its no big wonder that I too have grown up reading some intimidating mythological stuff. However, its an altogether different fact that the very word Adkratsubsr intimidates more than those.

Now if the assumptions are allowed to prevail, let me make some more interesting and entertaining ones. When I first heard the word Adkratsubsr it also reminded me of some spaceship taking (or 's'taking, may be) the pride and glory of the country to space. So, there is yet another reason why I feel Adkratsubsr appeals to me when you talk about exploring things out of sheer curiosity.

Another reason why someone like me would like to spend some precious time of his life hunting for the meaning of this weird word Adkratsubsr could be the arrangement of letters required to frame this unusual word. If you can't really relate the word with anything in life would you not think about it as a jumble word. So, its good that you can think of some creative stuff when you come across this word. It may be futile but it gives you a reason to keep yourself engaged with some tough 'mind work'. Isn't it?

So, we have come across a word Adkratsubsr that may mean nothing but lets you think so much out of it. A group too can sit together and target the word keeping in mind that they may not necessarily and finally bring out a meaning.  My journey for exploring a logically explored has begun. 

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