Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Adkratsubsr - A word with many Questions but a few Answers

 Now it looks like that the journey to excavating the meaning of the very unusual word Adkratsubsr is still on. I went through some web pages on the internet and it's a surprise that some people have not only come up with some meaning of the word but have also made some of the unusual and wild assumptions. The word Adkratsubsr has not only given us some reasons to keep our thinking caps on but have also given some people a reason to laugh on the various assumptions being made so far. There is still a lot of fuss about the word Adkratsubsr but not all the meanings that come out from the minds of some authentic experts need to be true.

Creating a blog for a word like Adkratsubsr can be an unusual and useless thing for some but not for the ones who have been digging hard to find out what the word Adkratsubsr is all about. A Greek God probably would not have been searched for, like the very word. This is strange but this is a mark of a generation that does not mind thinking and being creative while covering their journey to explore a weird word like this. Coming back to the word, the curiosity is growing and such is the growth of the weird thoughts that crop up from a human mind. Lot to think about the word but seems to be a waste. Why? May be because the questions are many but the answers are few.

For now, the hunt for the meaning of the word Adkratsubsr is still on...!

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